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Welcome to Sites That Pay.  This site is dedicated to sites that have paid me personally for my online activities.  Too many times people are misled to join programs that do not pay or that have designed the site so it is near impossible to reach payment.  You do not have to keep looking for the paying sites.  Everything you need is on this site.  I could send you images of my cheques, PayPal and AlertPay payments, but these could have been altered.  However, if you would care to see, they are located here. 


 Sites That Pay  will also include sites which I have recently made payout and up and coming sites that I will soon have payment for.  Feel free to explore and learn which sites are best for you.  I research all my sites carefully and am only promoting them if I know I will be paid by them. 


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If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at  Phone consultations available as well.



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